Basso Design Group, the premier digital marketing agency, has organized a new product division for the small business sector. The new product line will introduce affordable and highly-effective digital marketing products tailored for small businesses. Businesses will be promoted using the latest technology in Pay-per-click advertising, Managed Local Listings, Search Engine Optimization and Business Advertising.

Hamlin Collision Center in Rochester Hills, MI and Detroit based, S&T Towing, both servicing the automotive needs in the metro-Detroit area have signed up with Basso Design Group to advance their marketing efforts using these new products.

Small businesses are up against large corporations with departments focused on marketing with millions to spend in advertising. Basso Design Group wants to give small businesses a boost in promotions to encourage consumers to patronize their businesses over their competitors. The new product division is suitable to any industry.

“Basso Design Group cares about small businesses as they require an intelligent execution of digital marketing to foster market growth and maintain an acceptable budget,” says Gregory Basso, managing partner of Basso Design Group. “That’s why we created a product line that focuses on their needs specifically and uses popular digital marketing tools to help level the playing field and allow them greater reach.

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